This week was a big ol’ announcement as the team got its first HUGE sponsor…Mr. Watch the video and find the heck out. Ha!

The Old Ellicott Cup Video Announcement on the new website launch and hotel room information.

Update #3 – Hotel Announcements

Registration is NOW OPEN.

Head to to ensure your spot at the inaugural Old Ellicott Cup.

Update #2 – Venue Announcement

After weeks of waiting, we announce the location of this year’s inaugural edition of The Old Ellicott Cup, the premiere bubble hockey tournament, in Ellicott City, Maryland. Carter and I were incredibly excited to pull this surprise off – it means the world to be able to play in such a historic venue at such a historic time. The 250th Anniversary of Ellicott City is no joke, just like bubble hockey is to us, it’s serious business in this quaint town, so we are proud to play a role in what is happening this year.

Update #1 – Show is a Go!

It’s been one hell of a ride the last two weeks here at the Volcano Club (the silly name for our basement), but we’ve got some fun news about The Old Ellicott Cup as we inch towards our start date.

Watch the video and PLEASE remember to mark your status on our registration page ( for the event so we have an idea of where we are at for that day before we open this up beyond the group!